Hi, my name is Tyniece McKelvey. I've loved literature, writing and the creativity that went into poetry my entire life. Naturally I thought being an English professor would be the route for me. In my mind it would be the perfect way to express my love for poetry. I could dissect beautiful Nikki Giovanni poems or shamelessly obsess over Sonia Sanchez. However, I quickly learned that wasn’t the route for me. 

After tumbling through my undergraduate years, yes, literally, tumbling. I fell into my love for public relations. I know you’re probably thinking, 'what a complete switch.' However, hear me out, PR is the poetry of the communications world. It’s the glue that holds it all together. It’s the art, the technique and skill that connects people to brands. 

My mission is to help people and organizations find their brand’s poetry. What are the missing pieces that disconnect them from their audience? How can I help them tell their story with passion, purpose, and prestige? This is where me and brand refreshment meet. Right at the core of all your public relations needs. 

Outside of my professional self, I am the youngest sister of 3 and my parent’s favorite child. A 90’s R&B connoisseur and book lover. Last fun fact, I take about 100 pictures just to get a good shot.