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How UGG came back to life with its new mink collection

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Who They Are/Were:

- In 1978, a young Australian surfer founded the UGG brand on the shores of Southern California. His Aussie roots forged a strong love for sheepskin and he was convinced the world would one day share this love.

- By the mid 1980's, the UGG brand had become a symbol of relaxed southern California culture, gaining momentum through surf shops up and down the California coast.

- Andrea O’Donell president of fashion lifestyle brands at UGG calls them “Californian, fashionable, and functional.

- VOGUE says “There was a time when Ugg boots were cherished commodities. In the early 2000s, they were the fashion equivalents of Beanie Babies or Tickle Me Elmo in terms of fanatic following and record-setting sell-out rates. Preceding the designer Crocs and FitFlops deemed “cool” today, Uggs were both the most highly desired and highly derided shoe.”

- They’re still a classic boot that everyone wears but they’ve lost their excitement. How can we get back that “IT” factor?

Where They Should Go:

How do we bring back the excitement? How do we reshape the brand from just being a staple to being highly sought after? This is where The Brand Refresher comes in. We can reposition the brand to go from comfortable staple to comfortable luxury.

Introducing UGG’s Mink Collection

- Luxury price point

- Highly sought after and sourced Mink fur lined UGG boots

- Mink Collection home goods, coats, and accessories.

How do we get people in them?

- Celebrity PR packaging. Having celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Noami Campbell wear them. These are the women who set the trends.

- Fashion week rollout. Mink Collection afterparty.

- Quadpay as an option for payment plans for those who can afford the luxury price point.

- #HowIWearMyMink for social media customer styling. Showing people how they can mix their highs with lows and other UGG collections.

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